WestForce Inc is market research firm specialized in collection of information about other businesses like stores and other industries in order to analyze the quality of consumersí experiences when carrying out a particular transaction.We get hired by companies and businesses to evaluate the customer professionalism of their staff by acting like customers in order to access how the staff relates with customers.

We are searching for competent applicants who can work part time with us and help to identify specific customer service issues,identify exemplary employees and target individual manager effectiveness of different businesses registered under us to give them the insight they need to effectively evaluate and improve customer service and customer experience.


Funds to carry out your assignment at any designated store would be provided for you in form of a cashiers check which is also inclusive of your salary of $300 which should be deducted from the total sum received to carry out any given assignment. You are not to use your personal money to make any purchases because all expenses have been included in the cashiers check that you will be receiving so there is no refund if your personal funds are used.Kindly note that this is a very flexible part time job offer which does not affect your current employment. You are to remain calm when your assignment is being carried out so as not to be detected as a mystery shopper by the staff of any designated store. Thatís all there is to it!

Some of the simple questions in your Shoppers Report could be:

1. How well were you treated?

2. Were the employees friendly and courteous?

3. Did you receive prompt service?

4. Did the employee have a knowledge of the item you are purchasing?

5. Was the merchandise displayed neatly?

6. Was it easy to find what you were looking for?

7. Would you return to this store?

All other information to assist you in carrying out your assignment will be provided in the package containing your first assignment. If you are interested and willing to start off as soon as possible and ONLY interested applicants should apply for this position.

Kindly fill out the application form below and please ensure that all information provided are accurate and up to date.

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